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Orbiter Space Flight Simulator 2006P1 / 2010P1.


At the outset of the project and the first version of the simulator, Martin Schweiger, its current successful and made possible thanks to a community of programmers / developers / optimizers / beta testers, thank you again for all the work done and future.


The most successful of space flight simulator, created and developed by Martin Schweiger, this simulator allows you to simulate all missions you want, be it the launch of the shuttle Atlantis in a mission or exploration of the solar system.


The simulator is an open source program, which allows many developers to the Orbiter community, to live virtually the best space adventure, thank you to them (are be quoted individually in my links).


Some add-on's "Home Made" are available on my download page.

Add-on's "Home Made" by Orbiter.ch

Armageddon Scenarios for Orbiter 2010

Apollo 18 Scenarios and Dead Cosmonaut add-on

Apollo 19 Scenarios and Dead Alien add-on

Nueva York on Brighton Beach (Moon) scenery for Orbiter SFS.
I take a large step back for make this screenshot, the highest skyscraper measuring 1140 meters (3740,157 feet)! A city designed to house 100'000 people in pressurized skyscrapers. Relayed to the original Bringhton Beach base (small tower with six landing pads at the center of the crater) by a magnetic trains.

UCGO Pack Iron Sky. Inspired by "Iron Sky" movie.

- DGIV repaint "Iron Sky"
- One new character (UMMu), Renate Richter (UMMu 2.0)
- One UCGO Cargo box themed "Iron Sky" meeting desk
- One UCGO Cargo Iron Sky flag

Iron Sky - Hidden Nazi Base on Dark Side of the Moon
Very dark ambiant on the Hidden Nazi Base (since 1945, like original movie scenario), on the Dark Side of the Moon (no sunlight), inspired from the movie "Iron Sky" (2012). The villains are ready to begin their invasion of the Earth.

UCGO Pack Star Trek

UCGO Pack Star Wars

Space TAXI Skin for DGIV

UCGO Cargo Flags Pack1

Mars Face  2010 Upgrade

UCGO Cargo Funny's Stuff Pack

Secure Federal Space Treasury Pack

Toulouse Blagnac - The Airbus Home Pack

Orange Caritat French Air Force Base - The Mirage 2000 Home Pack

Beale Air Force Base (AFB) Pack

Europeans International Airports (BCN,GVA,CDG,FCO) Pack-1

Europeans International Airports (AMS,ATH,LHR,STR) Pack-2

ORBITER is a free flight simulator that goes beyond the confines of Earth's atmosphere. Launch the Space Shuttle from Kennedy Space Center to deploy a satellite, rendezvous with the International Space Station or take the futuristic Delta-glider for a tour through the solar system - the choice is yours. But make no mistake - ORBITER is not a space shooter. The emphasis is firmly on realism, and the learning curve can be steep. Be prepared to invest some time and effort to brush up on your orbital mechanics background. Good starting points are JPL's Basics of Space Flight:  http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/basics/ and R. Braeunig's Rocket & Space Technology: http://www.braeunig.us/space/index.htm


More information and resources for users and developers can be found under the Orbiter Wikipedia entry:


and the OrbiterWiki site: http://www.orbiterwiki.org/wiki/Main_Page , both maintained by the Orbiter community.
For download Orbiter SFS 2006P1 "Basic", visit: http://orbit.medphys.ucl.ac.uk/


For download Orbiter addon's, visit: http://www.orbithangar.com/


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50 th Anniversary of the first manned space flight by Yuri Gagarin 1961-2011

Apollo 11 40th Anniversary
Apollo 11 40th Anniversary

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